Winton Community Academy students find out more about The Wider World of Photography

On Tuesday 20th March,  Winton Community Academy students had the opportunity to take a trip to The Photography show at the NEC, Birmingham so they could experience the wider world of possibilities within photography.


Students had a great time walking round all of the stands and seeing the cameras, equipment and getting hands on with it all.  They found the drones particularly interesting especially with the VR headset to see where they were flying.


There were several talks on different stages by a number of photographers and professionals. One of which was Rosie Hardy – Worldwide Photographer, who gave a particularly good talk on creativity within a 365 project and coping with loss and how photographers use their emotions within their work.


Students came away from the show with a multitude of freebies and other items that they had purchased on the day.  A sense of purpose and clearer ideas on what they can achieve within their work.  A great and positive day for all involved.

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