2019 Pancake Race Winners

Winchester is out to Toss Pancakes at the Cathedral for Young Carers Winchester’s Annual Pancake Race 2020

Tuesday 25 February (Shove Tuesday) 2020, 12.30 – 2pm.

Winchester Cathedral Close

The event, The Annual Winchester Pancake Race, the second, is played out against the awesome backdrop of the magnificent Winchester Cathedral and starts at 12.30pm with entertainment from Winchester University Buskers Society with pancakes and refreshments available.

The racing starts at 1pm until 2pm. The event is a joint venture between Winchester Rotary Club and Winchester Cathedral with the whole-hearted support of the Dean Catherine Ogle.

We are delighted to be hosting the Pancake race again this year and raising money to support young carers enjoy a break and childhood experiences together, says Dean Catherine.

Proceeds are being raised for Winchester and District Young Carers with the aim of giving these selfless young people a day out at Harry Potter’s World, something they could only dream about normally.

There are over 700,000 young carers across the UK. Winchester and District Young Carers supports 110 young people. Being a young carer often means looking after a family member who is ill or helping them by looking after other members of the family, while they are unable to. Young carers are often stressed, tired, worried about their relative’s health. They have little or no time to do homework, maybe missing school, have low esteem and limited leisure time. This charity is one of the two charities chosen by the Winchester Rotary Club President, Mike Billington to be supported in 2020.

The individual teams are to be encouraged to raise donations for the event  or their own charities from amongst their friends and colleagues. Each relay will take place over 2 lengths of 38metres in the Cathedral Outer Precinct. There will be 30 plus teams of four people, and increase in last year as the event grows in popularity. The teams will run one at a time. Two members of a team will run at a time in a relay…with designated places where the runners must stop and pancakes must be tossed. There will be two sponsored trophies, one for the fasted time, and the other for the most amusing entertaining attire. The 3D printed trophies and medals bearing the names of the winners will be proudly kept for ever by the winning teams.

The tossing of pancakes on Shove Tuesday, the last opportunity to feast before the start of Lent, has taken place, so legend has since 1445. It is an event which is run annually across not only in and by Cathedrals in the UK such as Worcester, Southwark, Ripon and Norwich to name but a few but also across the English Speaking countries, in the USA, Mainland Europe such as France and at the end of Mardi Gras wherever that is celebrated. The pancake event was an idea suggested by Winchester Rotary Club which was wholeheartedly welcomed by the Dean of Winchester Cathedral. Both organisations wish to engage more closely with the local communities and so…it is being organised to bring fun, laughter and good cheer as the new year begins to waken up from the dark winter months, exhibit the message behind Shove Tuesday and Lent with a serious mission to bring the wide variety of work and service carried out by Winchester Rotary Club and the Cathedral, in the community and to a greater understanding of the general public.

Teams will include not only the Cathedral, 6 teams of choristers, Hampshire Constabulary, the university, but also  ex-Mayors in full regalia, Councillors, entries from education, business and commercial as well as other organisations…and…the youngest team to enter last year from St Bede Cof E Primary School...wait for it…amazingly…THE EVENT WINNERS!

It is obvious that as so many people across the world join in the fun of pancake racing and tossing, that it must be jolly good fun, with amazing all action photographs and interviews to be captured, including with the Dean, What an Event and not to be Missed!

 Photo: 2019 Pancake Race Winners – St Bede Cof E Primary School

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