Will Purdue Tour Bus

Will Purdue – Lockdown Tour Bus Project

Hampshire Alt Country Singer-Songwriter Will Purdue has been converting a van into his very own bespoke tour bus during lockdown, ready to hit the open road again, once COVID 19 restrictions allow, using funds from the pick-up truck his father sold to help him!

It’s hopefully my ticket to get back out touring at low cost, and for some travels too! One of its first outings will be to restart work on my new music in Sheffield with Chris, who has won a Grammy out in Nashville.

As Will tells us:

Basically the whole idea came from a trip I’d been planning, which was to film a mini documentary and tour film about my love for Irish music (Damien Rice, Damien Dempsey and Thin Lizzy in particular, with special mention of Sinead O Connor, who I think had the best recorded vocal for nothing compares!). Anyway, that had to be shelved, but my plan was to rent a camper there and do that.

Meanwhile, my Dad has been bored without a project, so we decided to get our own (he actually sold his pick-up truck to help fund it) and do it up as our lockdown project. He’s been building, I’ve been designing, so one of us has spent a lot of time in the garage, the other has spent a lot of time on Pinterest and Facebook marketplace!

Finally, it’s all starting to come together, and we’re planning our first trip next weekend, heading to the new forest to spend some time with the wild horses!

Follow Will Purdue on Instagram: @tourbustravels and visit his website here https://www.willpurdue.com/

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