Unity Community Transport

Have you spotted the silver and pink minibuses or accessible cars travelling around Test Valley?  These vehicles form the Unity Transport fleet, a charity providing community transport services across the Borough.  These services are unique across Hampshire.

Why?  Because the 13 Dial-A-Ride routes and hire services for charities and community groups are delivered by Volunteer Drivers.  These essential services as well as ad hoc trips to and from local amenities and health services are critical for local people who may be isolated in their communities.

Last year, Unity Transport delivered 8,898 Dial-A-Ride passenger trips, provided transport to 146 wheelchair users and provided a total of 26,754 passenger journeys across Test Valley.

However, Unity are struggling to recruit new drivers.  If you have a clean driving licence and a small amount of time each week, then they would like to hear from you.  Perhaps you work part-time or have recently retired and think you have an empathy with people, they are keen to hear from you.

Mrs Green said:

We are thrilled because over 30 of our members are able to get to our club, members who wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise.  We are thankful for the service and as for the volunteer drivers……there is nothing like our drivers!  We cannot do without those buses and Unity.”

Unity provide full training so please ring for further information.  Telephone 0330 4004 116 or email info@unityonline.org.uk

Become a driver for Unity Transport, it is fun but rewarding too!


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