The Big Biscuit Challenge!

The Big Biscuit Challenge!

The STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) department at Winton Community Academy teamed up with two major leading manufactures in Andover to give our year 8 students a real insight into the world of engineering and manufacturing.


Stannah and Twinings came to our school and presented the challenge that year 8 needed to design, manufacture, brand and package their own biscuit and then present their biscuit brand to the industry experts within Stannah and Twinings.  Year 8 were put into groups and with only a day to achieve the objective teams needed to work fast to organise and allocate job roles within their team.


With four distinct job roles-Design, Branding, packaging and manufacture and with the help of industry experts year 8 felt the pressure of trying to hit their absolute deadline. As part of the day the students who were in charge of the manufacturing process had the opportunity to visit both Stannah and Twinings manufacturing facilities to gain a real insight of how manufacturing is done in the 21st century. Students were amazed at how fast machines and robots work and were able to relate the manufacturing process to their own task.


Throughout the day the students felt the pressure of completing the task in hand, they soon realised the importance of communication to ensure they had the right branding and the appropriate packaging to fit their design. All teams worked incredibly hard our industry experts had the challenging task of deciding which team had both produced the best biscuit and also met the design objective.


Mr Max lee – Head of Technology said:

It is great to collaborate with local businesses and give our students the opportunity to work with industry experts.


Both Stannah and Twinings agreed it was a great way to give year 8 an insight into some of the skills needed to be be successful in the 21st century and allow students to develop their skills in STEM in a creative way.


The STEM department would like to thank all the Staff at Twinings and Stannah for giving up their time and for helping to make this day possible.



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