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Support for parents homeschooling children

Retired primary school teacher returns to help the nation home school their children.

The majority of British parents are facing a new and unprecedented challenge this week, amid the Governments response to flattening the curve of the Coronavirus outbreak. With parents affected by school closures, many are confronted with having to home-school their children, with some, working from home alongside this.

Retired Primary school teacher, Tracy Sansome from Romsey, Hampshire, has come out of retirement in order to assist parents with educating, inspiring and engaging children during this unsettling time. Her aim is to offer support, advice, ideas and resources for parents. She says:

I know this is a troubling time for you all and many of you will be worrying about holding down your jobs and trying to ‘home school’ your child/children. Please try not to worry too much. Children (across the ages) have proven to be resilient and will bounce back when life returns to something more normal.

Tracy has set up a Facebook Group: Home Learning with Mrs S where she is sharing daily challenges to keep the spirit of fun learning alive, ideas for daily routines and schedules, educational resources, topic work and much more. The free resource is aimed at reducing the angst many parents are feeling with the overwhelming task of keeping children occupied and actively learning. Tracy explains:

We are blessed to live in the age of Information Technology which will help us stay in contact with family and friends around us. For our children, this means they also have a greater chance of staying connected and continuing with some of their learning”

You may wish to pick and choose which bits you would like to try or follow the ideas in more detail, but my overriding message is to keep our children safe and secure with as little worry as possible. Most importantly, have some fun and a few lighter moments with your children.

Photo: Tracy Sansome ‘Mrs S’

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