Successful first year for Adopt South

Adopt SouthAdopt South, the area’s regional adoption agency, is marking its first-year anniversary this month, announcing that it has successfully found families for 116 children aged from just a few days to eight years old.

Since the agency’s launch in April 2019, over 1,300 people have been in contact to find out about adoption or ask for post adoption support.

Head of Adopt South, Rachel Reynolds, said:

We have worked really hard to improve the rates of adoption on the island and across the county, including in the cities of Portsmouth and Southampton as well as Andover and Basingstoke covering all the northern areas of the Hampshire region. We are committed to finding families for children who, for a variety of often complex reasons, are unable to live and grow up with the parents and families they were born to.

We have achieved a lot in the space of 12 months. Being open to a larger pool of adopters means we have been able to match children with the right parent or parents for them. With our resources combined in a single agency, we have also been able to provide a higher level of support for those going through the adoption process and those who have adopted and need advice and reassurance.

Adopt South’s work since launch, has resulted in approving 121 families, many of whom have been matched successfully to children and siblings awaiting adoption. Supporting individuals and couples, the service has also mentored 100 families, as well as leading 120 training workshops, a range of support groups and nine parenting programmes.

Adopt South’s team members can discuss the adoption process both during the day and on some evenings. They also offer the opportunity to speak to an adopter via a video call. Information is available online on the Adopt South website or by calling 0300 3000 011 to arrange a chat with one of the team.

A range of resources is available to help people understand and learn more about adoption. Even during the current Covid-19 situation and abiding by the #StayAtHome restrictions, the Team is able to work with potential adopters to start the application process.

There is no upper age limit to adopt and Adopt South actively welcomes adopters from many different people across a diverse range of backgrounds, including single, couples, LBGT+ and those from faith communities.

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