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During lockdown, Paul Sartin, Director of the Andover Museum Loft Singers, has created a set of music videos for circulation in elderly care and community settings which has now benefitted from a £500 Community Councillor Grant from Test Valley Borough Council.

The songs have been selected by older people, and include classics ranging from I Love Paris, to Blue Moon and You Are My Sunshine. The idea behind this project is to provide entertainment and stimulation for the older community, many of whom may feel isolated during lockdown.

Research has found that music can enhance mood and that pleasing melodies can deliver benefits for both physical and mental health, including memories and important social connections.

The lyrics to all the songs are provided so that people can sing along. They can be accessed via a YouTube link and also on USB sticks which can be provided to community members by contacting the museum director via email

Winton ward councillor Richard Rowles, said:

This is a great community initiative, which helps to connect older adults during lockdown in a fun, enjoyable activity. It’s a fantastic idea and all credit to Paul and his team for coming up with it, putting it together, and then sending it out for our residents to enjoy.

Councillor Rebecca Meyer, added:

This is exactly the sort of project that these TVBC community grants have been created for. It benefits the community, brings people together and in times such as these, can provide such a vital form of togetherness. I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to support this project.

As well as the £500 community councillor grant from TVBC, the Andover Museum Loft Singers also contributed £250 that they raised themselves towards the project.


The Andover Museum Loft is a non-auditioning community choir of nearly 20 years, based in the Iron Age Museum. The choir performs at community and charitable events across the borough, including Andover Rocks, the Weyhill Christmas Fair and at the Hawk Conservancy Trust.

Photo: Gooikoorts Credit: Paul Sartin


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