Santa visited children at Bright Horizons Nursery

Santa visited Brendoncare Otterbourne Hill

On the 12th day before Christmas, Santa visited Brendoncare Otterbourne Hill Care Home and in doing so touched the hearts of residents and staff alike. Sadly, this year, Santa was unable to go inside the care home so he walked around outside and Ho Ho Ho’d from a safe distance wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!


Santa arrived at Otterbourne Hill in what could be described as a festival of music and light, setting the scene for a truly magical evening which tugged the heart strings of all! The cold damp evening soon crumbled as each resident travelled their own special journey to a Christmas past and became little girls and boys aged 5!!


Just before visiting Brendoncare Otterbourne Hill, Santa also dropped in to their little friends and neighbours at the Bright Horizons Nursery. They too had waited patiently for Santa to arrive, the atmosphere filled with the same smiles, excitement and anticipation as the care home residents; a couple of the nursery children unsure at first then realising who the gentleman with the big red hat and fluffy white beard was!


Vilma Patrizio, Brendoncare Otterbourne Hill Community Hub Manager, said:

My heart melted as I walked with Santa and watched our residents and staff wave to him from windows and balconies with smiles which beamed light and happiness. The visit was a much needed boost to 2020 as we head towards Christmas and the end of this exceptionally difficult year.

I would like to thank our staff, Eastleigh Rotary Club, Roy Rogers and Trigger the Train for bringing Santa safely to us and for sprinkling a large dose of sparkle to the evening. Despite everything life throws at us, it’s a lovely feeling to have community, and Santa, in our lives. A peace filled Christmas and a Happy New Year to us all.


More information about Brendoncare Otterbourne Hill can be found on the charity’s website, 01962 679649,

Photo: Santa visited children at Bright Horizons Nursery

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