Recycling at Christmas

Recycling tips for a greener Christmas

The festive season is full of fantastic opportunities to think about the waste we generate and how we can make small changes to reduce waste and increase recycling.

We may find that we are suddenly overwhelmed by wrapping paper, plastic, bottles, food waste and unwanted textiles. Making a few changes to your waste habits will help you to enjoy a merrier, greener Christmas:

  • It’s a great time to filter out any unwanted clothing. Recycle it at your local textile and clothing bank and help raise funds for charity too. Last year Winchester City Council raised £26,000 for the Hampshire & IOW Air Ambulance from the textile bins across the district.
  • Your clutter could be someone else’s pride and joy. Please consider donating your unwanted gifts to local charities, for others to enjoy.
  • Plastic bottles can be rinsed and put in your green bin. Re-using bottles is good for the environment and has the added bonus of saving a bit of money.
  • Mixers, chocolates or Christmas snacks – whatever you like in your tins and cans, make sure they are rinsed and put in your green bin.
  • Cardboard cracker inserts, boxes and Christmas cards can all be recycled in your green bin. Excess cardboard should be dry, compacted and placed beside your bin.
  • Cutting down your portions will not only help your waistline but also your waste-line. Use a home composter for peelings and teabags.
  • Take your washed bottles and jars to your local glass recycling point
  • Check our calendar to see if / when we will collect your real Christmas trees here
  • Christmas wrapping paper cannot be recycled. Brown paper looks stylish and better yet it can still go into your green bin – don’t forget to remove the sellotape.

Councillor Jan Warwick, Portfolio Holder for Environment

These small changes are easy to implement and will make a big difference to the amount of waste we create, at a particularly packaging-intensive time of year. Getting into these good habits now will really help us to become a greener district for the future.



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