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Radio Station will give access to the airwaves to local charities

The team at Andover Radio are in the final throes of writing their application to the broadcast licensing authority, Ofcom.  Part of this process is to prove that there is evidence of demand from the local area.

With just over a week left to show your support for a community radio station for Andover, the organisation is asking local charities to visit their website and complete a simple form to show support for their plans which include giving free access to the airwaves for local charitable organisations.

Director David Harber says, “An absolutely essential part of our service will be to give local worthy causes access to the airwaves to raise awareness of their work, promote fundraising or to recruit new volunteers. “We are currently preparing ourselves for the creation of training programmes for individuals from charities to produce and present their own programmes”.

The not-for-profit radio station will be based in accessible studios in the town and will be committed to broadcasting quality local content exclusively for and about Andover.  The organisation already has the support of TVBC, TVCS, Andover Advertiser, Andover College and numerous local businesses who appreciate the economic benefit of having a local radio station in the town.

Kevin Farrer from International Furniture says, “As a town that has experienced what a committed, local radio station can do for the local economy, Andover deserves a community station that can not only reflect but also help support the particular social and economic issues that face a small semi-rural town with larger commercial centres within 20 miles”.

The Andover Radio team will be at The Station Hotel, Bridge Street on Saturday morning from 11am – 2pm for people to drop-in and ask questions about the planned service.

Are you a charity wanting to support Andover Radio? If so please click here


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