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Pugs & Frenchies of the South – we’re coming for you!

With 15 Dachshund events under our belts at Pup Up Cafe™ and over 1500 Dachshunds enjoying our events this year, we think we’re ready to meet some wonderful Pugs & Frenchies!


In Southampton on Saturday the 12th of October we’ll be running our first Pug event, and Sunday 13th is for the Frenchies – we’re expecting around 150 of each breed to come and visit us throughout the days!

An event like no other, at Pup Up Cafe™ we run doggy events how they should be run. Get ready for up to 50 of the same breed per session (1-2 hours) with lots to enjoy from ball pits and tunnels to grass carpets on entry, treat stations, toys everywhere, professional photographers taking photos for your use at our doggy photobooths, unlimited puppuccinos for all along with lots of breed specific trade stands from Barkerys to stands selling everything from Frenchie socks to Pug tea coasters, tons of discounts from our sponsors and much more to be announced.


With lots of space for Pug & Frenchie owners and a few limited Regular Human tickets on sale NOW, come and join the fun! www.pupup.cafe/tickets

Pop Up Frenchie/Pug Cafe Southampton

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