Pete Whittaker - Freerider Rope Solo

Pete Whittaker – Solo and Free

LOGO.TheLightsSuitable for both armchair adventurers and those a little more intrepid!  Pete Whittaker is appearing at The Lights on Tuesday, 10 March

Pete is one of the world’s top big wall solo climbers. In 2016 he made the first solo-free ascent of El Capitan (3000ft) in under 24hrs.  2017 brought the first solo-free ascent of Mt Watkins (2000ft), which he clocked-in just over 15-hours

Then, in 2018, he made a sub 24hr solo of both El Capitan and Half Dome (5000ft).

As a top climber, Pete continually challenges himself both physically and mentally, and is passionate about completing adventurous climbs which haven’t been accomplished by others.

In 2009, his drive and motivation lead him to set a body breaking goal, a tried but unaccomplished rock climb deep in the American desert. He trained alongside his long-term climbing partner, with just two photographs serving as information about the climb! After two years they succeeded in making their first ascent of what is now considered as the world’s hardest off-width climb.

Pete’s presentation style is both light-hearted and down-to-earth. He inspires and motivates his audiences through his deep inner determination to explore challenging environments, overcome obstacles and achieve goals, both independently and in a partnership. The scale of the adventure is often both big and serious, so easily understood by all audiences, even those without technical knowledge.

Presented by Speakers from the Edge.

Photo: Pete Whittaker – Freerider Rope Solo

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