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New zero waste store in Romsey given boost

A new ‘zero waste’ store in Romsey has been given a £750 boost from Test Valley Borough Council after a 24-year-old spotted a gap in the sustainability market.


Lemon and Jinja, based at the Abbey Enterprise Centre near the market town, offers both environmentally-sustainable goods as well as products which do not require any plastic packaging courtesy of founder, Jesse Dugdale.


Items on offer include dry foods and refillable liquids, in which the customer can bring their own containers. There is also an expanding range of non-food and household items: reusable cups, drinking bottles, refillable household cleaning products and toiletries, plus make up and sanitary products – often the biggest causes of domestic plastic waste. Now, the store has been given a £750 Business Incentive Grant.


Though there are about 180 of the ‘zero waste’ shops across the country, the nearest one was Salisbury, which encouraged Jesse to open her store in Romsey.


Jesse, from Braishfield, said:

It’s about giving people the option to shop differently and try to cut down on plastic use. It’s an important step and I’m so grateful to have had the council’s support to set this up.

Hopefully I can attract many people from further afield as well as in the town to try it out!


Tadburn ward councillor, Mark Cooper, added:

It is always good to see a different type of store opening in the town. With the council having declared a climate emergency only a month ago, I’m confident Jesse can expect a flood of business through her doors and I wish her every success.

The council’s Business Incentive Grants are available to anyone looking to set up their own business in Test Valley. Anyone who successfully applies for the grant will receive £750 if their business is still going strong six months later.

These funds have become available to the community as a consequence of the council’s prudent investments, financial management and the use of the New Homes Bonus.

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