New NHS tool now available to check whether you are eligible for FREE prescriptions

The NHS has launched a new tool that allows you to check if you’re eligible for free prescriptions or other help with health costs. It asks a series of questions about your personal circumstances and medical history and it takes approximately 3 minutes!

The prescription eligibility checker has now been officially launched as part of the NHS service’s new ‘Check Before You Tick‘ campaign, which aims to help people understand if they are entitled to free prescriptions.

You may be eligible if you;

Get certain benefits, including income support or income-based Jobseeker’s allowance

Have a valid maternity exemption certificate

Have a valid medical exemption certificate

Have a valid war pension exemption certificate

Have an HC2 certificate (NHS Low Income Scheme)

Are over 60

Are under 16 (or 16-18 and in full-time education)

If you are found to have incorrectly said you’re eligible even by mistake, you could face a penalty charge notice of up to £100 and – in extreme cases – prosecution. So it might be worth double checking you are still eligible if you’ve been ticking that you are for a while, as circumstances can change.

If you can’t get free prescriptions, you could……

Buy a prescription prepayment certificate. A three-month one costs £29.10 or a year’s costs £104.

Ask your GP if a bigger prescription’s appropriate. Doctors sometimes automatically write out prescriptions for small amounts of medication. Remember though, your GP may have a medical reason for not prescribing a bigger pack.

Check here: https://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/penalty-charges-dont-get-caught-out/check-you-tick

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