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Ella Vine
is an astrologer, psychic medium, specializing in medical psychic readings. She is also a certified Naturopath, offering naturopathic (natural medicine) consultations, which perfectly complement medical psychic readings. Ella is also a spiritual teacher and all her readings always contain spiritual guidance and teaching.

Ella is an excellent psychic as she looks deep into the soul of a person and she also uses the Akashic Records in her readings.

All readings are purely psychic, all Ella uses is her mind, which is a pure spiritual channel through which she receives psychic information from the Akashic Records. Ella doesn’t use cards or any other help tools.


Ella’s fascinating story, how all her psychic gifts started:

Ella Vine, 33, Essex mum, chess champion and lingerie brand founder, found herself deeply shaken waking up one night after a prophetic dream, which showed her that there is after-life and that she can communicate with spirits.

She didn’t know that this one dream will change her life forever.

She then went on to have hundreds of psychic dreams, showing her life, the lives of strangers, alive or dead, major events in the world, like natural disasters and terrorists attacks in different countries, all of which she read later in the media – but in her dreams she saw more details than the media reported, like she was there.

She couldn’t ignore the dreams and visions anymore and she decided to explore her psychic gifts, working as a psychic medium, having customers from all over the world, known for her rare gift of distance medical psychic readings, comparable to those of famous medical psychic Edgar Cayce’s. Now she even does medical psychic readings to people’s dogs and cats and she does it all from a photograph.

Ella says:

You can imagine how shocked I was when I woke up that memorable night 2 years ago after having a dream, which showed me not only how and where a local stranger died but also that his spirit is still alive. I woke up deeply knowing, not just believing, but knowing, that there is live-after death and was so happy that this stranger’s soul is still alive. I went online to check my dream and found out that he died in exactly the same way and place I was shown in the dream. Prior to the dream I was a total atheist and didn’t believe in life after death. I didn’t even give any thought to any psychic phenomena. I was a busy businesswoman. But after that one dream everything has changed.

One of Ella’s most mind-boggling skills is her medical intuitive gift, where, based on a photograph, she literally ‘’scans’’ psychically through strangers bodies who are based thousands of kilometres away on other continents and she describes all their illnesses and health issues often not discovered by the doctors and medical tests. People from around the globe ask her for help in hopeless cases where they can’t be helped by a modern medicine. Ella can see not only if and what is wrong with organs, like the liver or the gut, but she can also ‘’look’ inside them and describe any abnormalities.

One of Ella’s UK customers, Zbyszek Butynski, said:

Zbyszek Butynski
Zbyszek Butynski

Ella found straight away that there was something going on in my lungs. My doctors were saying it’s asthma but I ask for Xray after reading. And it was something called sarcoidosis or multi-infection which was building up over time. Thank you Ella for all the great work!

Apart from describing people’s ailments Ella can also psychically see natural and herbal remedies appropriate for each individual person. This inspired her and she has trained since to be a certified Naturopath, giving also naturopathic medicine consultations to people.

Cathy Goad
Cathy Goad


Cathy Goad from the U.S. benefitted from Ella’s natural remedies suggestions:

All the way across the Ocean we connected. Ella knows nothing about me, never met before … yet she was able to do a superb and on target reading for me and on both myself and my cat. She tuned in on health problems I was having followed up with suggestions. With the cat … explained the odd behavior which I now understand and have been able to address it. Feel safe to let Ella share her gift with you. She is very good and you will come away very satisfied.


A Buddhist monk from Thailand, David Schwalk, said the following about Ella’s work:

David Schwalk

I was hit very deeply with the medical intuitive reading I’ve got from Ella Vine. She didn’t know me, she didn’t even see me and she has revealed information about the sicknesses I am fighting with right now. I didn’t tell anybody about them, and I was not aware of all the problems I had. Fortunately, Ella’s tips allowed me to avoid complications. I don’t know how it is working, and how it is even possible. But it’s an amazing achievement. Highly recommended.

says this about her unusual skills:

This has been an incredible spiritual journey and I am very grateful for my gift. I haven’t asked for it, I didn’t even know it exists, but since early childhood my dream and my only aim in life was to help and ease the suffering of as many people as possible. My life was a tough one, from domestic violence in childhood, homelessness, disabilities and many other difficult experiences, which I could turn around to help other people and I have helped thousands of people through my charity work over the past 10 years. I can see linearity in my life since early years and that is why I see my psychic gift as a gift from the God, the Divine, the Spirit, however you want to call it. I am very grateful for every dream I have and for every person I can help with my skills. It is not a burden and I wouldn’t change anything. I went from being an atheist completely obnoxious to spiritual things to be a psychic and a spiritual teacher. My psychic readings contain a lot of spiritual teaching, they’re designed to help people develop spiritually, make good choices and live the best they can, aligned with their soul calling.

Read more about Ella at her website and to LIKE on Facebook click here OR contact via email.


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