2013 in McLaren with my team

Michael Laskowski owner of Konings Detailing explains the finer details

Michael LaskowskiMichael started his career working as a technician and later as a team leader for Jaguar Land Rover.

A senior service manager role followed but free time was spent helping a friend with restoration projects on vehicles imported from the USA which were subsequently sold to private customers across Europe.

This was my first experience with leather restoration and exploring new ways of working with leather and bodywork,  said Michael. When the opportunity came to join McLaren in Woking, I found myself working on a new road car, the MP4-12C. I was trained there and after two years – and countless hours – I became one of their top skilled specialists in the paint department.

I have worked on 5000 McLaren road cars, preparing them for major launch and release events at the Geneva Motor Show. McLaren was my home for almost seven years and I often worked 12 hour-plus days – but loved it! I couldn’t do it now, but when you are 25 years old it’s a different story.”

Rapid growth led to Michael training others, passing on his skills in the art of fine paint detailing and various polishing methods, before he moved to Rolls-Royce in Chichester, supporting the launch of the Rolls-Royce Dawn and a new model of the Phantom.

I met a vast number of very talented people, worked on the rarest and most expensive cars and learnt from the best in the industry, but I decided to step away from a manufacturing environment to spend more time with my wife, Karolina, who is a quality surveyor.

I felt like I had missed a few years of my life at that time, because commuting and long hours were becoming more difficult to balance. That is when I decided to set up my own business.

I am developing my customer base in and around Winchester and want to build relationships with local car owners, event organisers and collectors.

One of my first significant client is National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. Recently over a course of week I’ve fully detailed American classic Auburn which is on display after you enter the museum.

With skills which undoubtedly place him firmly in the driving seat for growing a business, his superb craftsmanship is becoming well-known and much sought after.




Main Photo: Michael Laskowski (2013) in McLaren with his team & Photo Gallery below

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