Lyme Disease Awareness: How to spot the tick ….

Lyme disease is becoming a big problem in the UK, awareness is key to prevention. There are no safe places, as ticks can hitch a ride on a bird and find themselves a new home in your garden.

There is even the possibility that should a tick be brought into the house, it could lay eggs around your home. Typically they like door surrounds, furniture, edges of rugs and curtains, but this is rare as ticks prefer to lay their eggs on soil.

Ticks require blood from humans or animals for survival, so if you spend time in a place which is high risk for ticks one must thoroughly check for any attachments.When venturing into the woods, it is wise to take some precautions, be fully clothed and spray Deet onto your outerwear and shoes, always keeping to the path, as the ticks will be found questing from a blade of grass, leaf or vegetation. Ticks do not jump, they simply hang on, then search for a place that they can feed from undisturbed on the body.

Spot the tick in England is a children’s book, it has an educational element as well as a fun element. Children can ‘spot the tick’ on each page while they explore iconic London and the UK countryside; all the time learning about these tiny creatures that can cause a potentially fatal disease. Children will see how to identify a tick, where they are usually found and what precautions they should take to avoid being bitten. There is advice on the correct removal of a tick and a guide to what to do in the event of being bitten. The information in this book is vital for the prevention of Lyme disease which is fast becoming a worldwide epidemic.

Available from Amazon or Waterstones, if you’d like to purchase a copy from Amazon please click here

By Lorraine Damonte

Spot the Tick England
Spot the Tick England



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