Local lady is looking for Volunteers to go to Kenya as part of helping Women and Child Development

Women and Child Development (WCD) have always been a matter of national concern. Many mothers lack basic knowledge and confidence, and this can create a rift between them and their children. This goes on and on and it affects the relationship between both parents and their children. This is as a result of not creating strong bonds at the early stages of life.

Many projects in Kenya handle issues to promote protection for children but then the source of the problem is not the child, the source of the problem is the parents, the child is a victim. As much as possible if the parents play their part very well, there will be no problem at all.

We have seen mothers sent to prison for petty offences, especially concerning child abuse & neglect. Everything still boils down to the lack of knowledge or irresponsibility. Ignorance plays a major role in this problem. As a programme we say no mother should go to prison for such petty crimes, they need to be taught and guided through life so that there would be a lasting solution to the problem.


  • Provision of a firm foundation for proper psychological, physical and social development of the child.
  • Enhancement of the maternal education and capacity to look after her own health and nutrition and that of her family.
  • Effective coordination of the policy and implementation among various departments and programmes aimed to promote child development.
  • Ensure that no Mother goes to prison due to ignorance.
  • Ensure lasting bonding takes place between mother and child by providing continuous classes on this.
  • Sex and family planning education to help mothers to understand family life and values.
  • Create awareness of cervical cancer, breast cancer and HIV and other infections.
  • Access to free information and educational materials.


  • The programme will provide seminars, workshops, training, teaching and sources of information
  • Creating positive parenting and child development
  • Creating awareness on cancer and cancer tests
  • Referral and information
  • Non-formal education on health and nutrition to women
  • Counselling and support
  • Faith in the family
  • Empowering women with knowledge and confidence

The services will reach to the remote parts of the community where people do not have access to informal classes and medical facilitates. Some of the women who know how to read and write would be trained on how to impart the knowledge to others as time goes by. They will be trained on mother and child development, personal hygiene, environmental sanitation, breastfeeding and Ante-natal care.

Several volunteers would come in for this purpose, ensuring the continuation of the programme.

Now we are looking at churches, colleges, university and hospital for volunteers who would make difference in African community by offering their skills, in the community as the social worker, medical students, Nurses, teachers, councillors, family liaison, community pastoring, youth workers

The program is more based on educating the community basic skills, working in the hospitals, clinic, educating parents with knowledge and confidence, teaching the love and faith in the family and help us to develop the programmes further.

The projects are not-for-profit making and all run by international NGOs and local staff. The placements are open to all person’s age 18 and over, families, groups and students.The program is run throughout the year and with a duration from 1 week to 6 months. We will organise the volunteer accommodation during the duration of the stay.

Volunteering in Kenya is popular and the opportunities to learn about different cultures and make a difference in African.

I am looking for volunteers for June & September 2019, for travel details and cost, please contact me. If you know anyone, young people, family or groups would like to a take apart on our volunteer program.

Please contact Nancy Lewthwaite either by email or telephone 07955133982 for more information.


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