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Local ITV reality star’s COVID weight-loss giveaway

Radio host reveals weight loss secret in FREE giveaway during lockdown Radio presenter Matt Vaughan, who starred in two ITV shows – Change Your Tune and Save Money: Lose Weight – has quite literally kept up that ethos.

He has changed his tune and lost over 6 stone in weight.

3 years ago the local radio star, and father to 3 year old Caleb, didn’t want to be that “fat dad at the school gates” so he decided to create a blog –

Matt’s YouTube channel demonstrates how you can create meals even if you can’t cook (for example, Matt cuts chicken with scissors) whilst his social media has gone viral with over 20,000 followers using him as their diet inspiration.

Some people may be feeling a bit bored or low at the moment during to the Corona lockdown, which may be making it easier to snack (a demon even Matt is dealing with). In response, Matt has decided to give away his diet book for FREE, along with his personal meal plan which has seen him shed 1 stone 6lbs in 4 weeks. The book, which is the secret to Matt’s weight loss, is The Dukan Diet by Pierre Dukan

Matt says:

I know how hard things are to stick to a plan at the moment and if you have fallen off the wagon, I understand how hard it is to get back on it. The thing that’s really good about this plan is that you only have to do 30 minutes of walking each day (within the government covid-19 guidelines) and you don’t starve yourself – you actually get to eat.

To help others to battle the bulge during the UK’s lockdown, Matt is giving away his diet book for free.

Matt has tried several diet plans throughout his life and has found the diet he tried as part of the ITV Save Money: Lose Weight show really worked for him.

“I have been a road tester of the Dukan diet for just over a year. I like it because it’s easy to follow, the rules are simple and it has changed the relationship I have with food”.

To win Matt’s diet plan you simply have to go to one of his social media channels @OnAirMatthew (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) by the end of April and full details will be there.

Matt is currently the Breakfast show presenter on independently owned Radio 210, which is the new 80s and 90s DAB station for Berkshire, Hampshire, South Oxfordshire and Surrey

Find out more at, or search social media @210dab.

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