Romsey Therapy Room

Local Business space transformed into Premium Therapy Studio

The Romsey Therapy Room, a premium physical therapy studio, will open its doors to the public on Monday 21 October, having undergone an impressive transformation from an unused 25sq m business space into a functional training and treatment venue.

Luke Prangle
Luke Prangle

In a fantastic, central location at 19 The Hundred, The Romsey Therapy Room will offer a range of different therapeutic services including sports massage, remedial massage, personal training, muscle and joint rehabilitation and solutions for back and neck pain.

Owner and Manager, Luke Prangle, has over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry, with expertise in sports massage, personal training, nutrition and weight management, sports performance, sports injury as well as rehabilitation.

Luke Prangle commented:

After months of planning, I’m excited to be opening the doors to the Romsey Therapy Room to the public.Regardless of whether you are recovering from injury, trying to maintain a high level of performance or wanting to treat a ‘niggle’, we have the movement exercises, correct training techniques and massage treatments to help you achieve the levels of health and fitness you desire.”

We all lead busy lifestyles, so it’s more important than ever to give back to the maintenance of our bodies, to cure and restore mobility to injured muscles tissue, increase flexibility and range of movement so we can stay functionally fit; whether that is to perform at the highest levels or just to go about the activities of our day-to-day lives.

Luke Prangle has experience working with a range of clients, aged from 15 – 94, on improving fitness, weight loss, increasing strength, stamina and speed as well as rehabilitation, massage and maintenance after injuries including ACL reconstructions, tennis elbow and rotator cuff injuries.

Having visited Luke for sports massage, retired Team GB Olympic Gymnast Vanessa Massey commented:

We ask a lot of our bodies on a daily basis and thanks to Luke I am not only able to prevent injuries, I am also able to maintain a good level of fitness after retirement.

Husband, Muay Thai Trainer Paul Massey added:

Luke is an absolute professional and is essential to the maintenance of my fitness and performance. My massage treatment not only helped me prepare physically for training and fighting, but also aided my body in recovery.

The Romsey Therapy Room, located at 19 The Hundred, Romsey, will open today
Monday 21 October. To book an appointment please contact
Luke Prangle at or telephone 07817 251362 andĀ for more information please visit their website

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