Lizzie Grayshon has been monitoring lapwing in the Avon Valley

Local birds set to benefit as Black Friday donation boosts Hampshire wildlife research

IN A CHALLENGING TIME for charities across Britain, premium countrywear specialists Schöffel Country has raised a total of £11,735 for the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT). The popular brand donated £5 from every sale in its successful Black Friday charity campaign to the Hampshire-based conservation charity. This is the third year that Schöffel Country supported the GWCT through the initiative, with proceeds almost doubling year-on-year, from £3,295 in 2018.


The donation will have a local impact, as Schöffel Country chose to support the GWCT’s important research into waders such as lapwing in Hampshire and the surrounding area. Local bird populations have been helped through collaborative work between GWCT scientists, farmers and volunteers and specialised equipment such as trail cameras, temperature loggers and GPS tags are all required to understand the pressures and fates of many of the UK’s endangered wading birds. Research will continue in the Avon Valley in 2021 to further improve the breeding success of lapwing, redshank and snipe.


The funding comes at a vital time for the Hampshire-based charity, with the impact of coronavirus leading to an expected £1.4m shortfall in its income in 2020 and further challenges in 2021.


Marcus Janssen, brand director at Schöffel Country, said:

We’re delighted to be able to make another donation to the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust this year. It a vitally important organisation, conducting the research and providing the science that is needed to properly manage our wonderful countryside and the myriad of wildlife that inhabits it. And now more than ever, they need our support.

So, I am so pleased that, on behalf of our Schöffel Country customers, we are once again able to contribute to the fantastic work they do for all of us who care deeply about the British countryside and way-of-life.


Lizzie Grayshon, who led the GWCT’s LIFE Waders for Real project in the Avon Valley, said:

The support from Schöffel and their customers is a real boost. We’re very grateful for the generous donation towards our wader work. As a relatively small charity, we rely heavily on donations to support our work and corporate initiatives are greatly appreciated.

The lapwing, redshank and snipe are all such charismatic species, but without research to better understand their ecology and devise appropriate conservation measures we are likely to see breeding numbers decline further. Many Schöffel customers with recognise the iconic lapwing by its beautiful iridescent dark green and purple colouring and distinctive ‘peewit’ call. Now they can look on with pride each time they see them, knowing they’re helping to support not only research but practical steps to help their numbers thrive.


You can donate to the GWCT’s work by visiting

Photo: Lizzie Grayshon has been monitoring lapwing in the Avon Valley

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