June Gardening Tips

Summer is officially here, June brings us the longest day of the year and hopefully some warm, sunny days and evenings to spend outside

It’s always more enjoyable to be in the garden when it’s looking good so here’s a few of the jobs for this month.

CUT THE GRASS!! Most lawns will need cutting every week at this time of year, it’s amazing how much better everything else looks when the grass has been cut.

WATER!! Who knows what the great British weather will bring us this Summer, however most plants need regular watering if there’s no rain, it’s especially true if they are in pots and containers.

Why not set up a water butt – rainwater is generally better than tap water for plants and also keeps down the water meter bills

FOOD!! It’s not too late to grow many salad crops and herbs from seed, the night frosts should now have passed so find a warm sunny spot. If you’ve got tomato plants already growing then support them with a bamboo cane and remember to remove side shoots and give them tomato feed.

LET IN THE LIGHT!! If you haven’t already done so then cut back your overgrown shrubs and hedges, it’s amazing how much light it can add to your garden.

AND RELAX…. Get the BBQ on and just enjoy being outside!!

I can offer regular grass cutting and general garden maintenance services for those who either need some extra help or simply don’t have the time themselves.

Monthly Garden Gazette tips are provided courtesy of RJ Garden Maintenance, garden care services serving Andover and Villages

Contact Richard on 01264 553357/ 07725 674782/ rajenson@hotmail.com

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