Mayor visit to Forces Re-Engineered

Introducing Forces Re-Engineered

I like to introduce you to something new and quite unique. Forces Re-Engineered a Community Interest Company

Things are fuelled by a variety of reasons and this is no different, this is not a story, it is real life, with real people, having very real problems and a person willing to do something about it.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; it is difficult to imagine if you have not suffered from it, I will try to explain this very complex disorder in as simpler term as is possible:

The return of a traumatic incident or incidents, by way of visions that can occur being awake or asleep, a reoccurring nightmare causing outburst whilst asleep, sweating, shaking, etc. Loss of time and place when awake triggered by any number of things, causing the person to appear distant. For those who suffer scarier than any battle ever fought.

Having left the forces, can leave the individual in a bubble, floating, not knowing where to turn, what to do, a pressure situation does not allow cruel, ugly details to be dealt with there and then so our very clever brain, boxes it of. What we seem to forget all too easily is, that just because it is packed away, it still needs dealing with like it or not.

It is therefore important to try and get some sort of “normality” back into a new life. The start is generally a job; problem! Suffering from PTSD, particularly if the suffer has not admitted or been diagnosed with it yet or even knows he/she is actually suffering from it. This can result into all sorts of problems by reactions and emotions being triggered. Retraining is difficult in some professions due to age, apprentice’s wages and the work environments.

This prompted me to start something different; there other places that offer apprenticeships in motor mechanics. However the volume of charities makes continues funding difficult; having worked in the motor trade for over 21 years I believe a self funding non profit making Community Interest Company is the answer.

On the 3rd of January 2017 we opened the doors to maintain and repair light motor vehicles and motorcycles, we specialise in the Volkswagen Group, but we will work on all makes cars and motorcycles. On the 6th of January the Mayor of Test Valley, Cllr Karen Hamilton visited and afterwards said:

“Thank you for inviting me to visit Forces Re-Engineered on Friday 06th of January2017. It was a privilege to attend and learn more about the amazing opportunities you provide for ex-service personnel. Please pass on my grateful thanks to all concerned for making me so welcome and my best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy 2017.”

We have the advantage to be able to tailor the workshop to allow for the requirements made by the disorder, support the individual throughout the working week by setting time aside to help dealing with arising problems; easing them gently back into commercial/civilian life. We assist and allow for time away on help courses; being backed by the local college and some business gives the perfect opportunity to provide the community with future qualified labour whilst supply an excellent vehicle workshop and in return the customer helps us to support a new start.

The advantage of employing veterans, they encompass an awesome skill set, want to learn and have life experience and all we need to do, well …………… Re-engineer the Forces

Photo: Mayor of Test Valley visit to Forces Re-Engineered


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