Harrow Way’s Girls’ Computing Club

Harrow Way keen to reverse national trend and encourage female students in computing subjects

According to latest government figures less than one tenth of computer science students in the UK are female. Harrow Way’s Girls’ Computing Club is keen to reverse this trend and a recent trip to Lloyds Banking Group gave students an insight into computing and technology in the workplace.

Commenting on the figures published by the Department of Education, Donna Robertson, Curriculum Leader of IT and Computing said:

Unfortunately nationwide the statistics are similar across other STEM subjects so it’s imperative that we encourage and engage our female students as much as possible regarding the exciting learning and career opportunities this sector presents.

During their visit to Charlton Place where Lloyds handle in excess of 6 million customer transactions per year, the students learned how robotics are integrated in the bank’s processes and the importance of making processes automated.  Putting their newly-learned skills into practice they created their own automated system using the Blue Prism, pioneering Robotic Process Automation software.

Commenting on the experience one student said:

It was interesting to find out that although the department was new, they didn’t yet have any women working in it. We did think that maybe one day one of us could be interested in the role and work there.

The Girls’ Computing Club is also working with Lloyds on an important project regarding E-safety. The students are helping produce a video which will be used at presentation evenings.
Ms Robertson concludes:

Our thanks to Lloyds for opening their doors to our students. It’s important we do as much as we can to reverse this trend and the best way to do that is for students to see and experience first-hand what the world of computing offers.

For more information on Harrow Way Community School, please call 01264 364533 or visit www.harroway.hants.sch.uk.  Visits to the school by appointment are always welcome.

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