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Harrow Way applaud their Student Leadership Team

Logo.HarrowwayHarrow Way’s Student Leadership Team has received high praise for their work in supporting students through the lockdown. The team, which is comprised of the school’s head girl, deputy and other senior prefects, received their commendation from Headteacher Michael Serridge recently.

Recognising that the period of lockdown presented a number of challenges, Harrow Way’s Student Leadership Team stepped forward to lead the production of a series of videos. Every week during the lockdown the team of six students created a new video for the whole school community to watch. The focus for each video was different with the students tackling a range of subjects from challenging racism to protecting mental health.

Commenting on the important role the team played in keeping students engaged in the school community while learning from home, Assistant Headteacher Andrew Whitworth said:

Our Student Leadership Team really rose to the challenge of supporting and uniting, what was at the time, our remote school community. And while teachers and students were working hard to keep the lessons and learning going we also recognised that there were other important issues and subjects for all our students to understand. By creating these videos our Student Leadership Team has played a vital role in helping students understand these topics which are key to developing the values and morals of good citizens.

In total the Year 11s produced 12 videos during the lockdown. The topics they focused on included; challenging racism, challenging climate change, feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, protecting our mental health and many more.

Mr Whitworth concludes:

The level of discussion and consideration demonstrated by the students was sublime and highlighted how outstanding our students are. The Year 11 Leadership Team has continued this dazzling work since their return, and we couldn’t be prouder.

For more information about Harrow Way, please go to www.harrowway.hants.sch.uk

Photo: Harrow Way Members of SLT

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