Have you got free time to spare for The Abel Foundation?

The Abel foundation is a growing charity in Andover, supporting families with Mitochondrial disease and pleased to announce that Chris Britton from the Troggs has just joined us as our patron.


Abel now 3 is a sufferer of the illness and due to the lack of information and support for him, his parents set up the charity to help Abel and other families.


Mitochondrial Disease is a chronic, genetic disorder that can be inherited in a number of ways. Because, there are many forms of mitochondrial disease and therefore Mitochondrial disease presents very differently from individual to individual. When a person has Mitochondrial Disease the mitochondria in the cells are not producing enough energy. Sometimes they are not very efficient or they do not work at all. Depending on which Mitochondria are affected will depend on which organs are affected. Activities like running, swimming, cycling or even simple ones like walking or breathing can be difficult or completely impossible if you are suffering with Mitochondrial Disease.


We are looking for volunteers to help with fundraising events and committee members/trustees to support the charity. If you can spare some free time to help the charity please contact karen@theabelfoundation.org.uk for more information.


http://theabelfoundation.org.uk  – The website is in the process of an upgrade.

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