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Exam techniques at Test Valley School

logo.Test ValleyFor those facings exams this summer, this time of year can be fraught with stress and anxiety. Preparation for exams is the key to success and the revision methods used by a student are an individual choice according
what suits their learning style.

To assist GCSE pupils at Test Valley School a variety of help and information is in place to support and guide pupils with their preparation. Exam practice starts from the first year at Test Valley School, with all pupils sitting formal exams annually, allowing pupils to fine tune their revision and exam skills. Parent information evenings are held, providing interactive sessions and plenty of information to parents and guardians on how to support their children with their revision methods and planning. Different approaches to revising are discussed in assemblies so that pupils can find some techniques that work for their style of learning to recall all those facts, figures and formulae. Sample revision timetables are published on the school website for pupils to download and use along with a “one stop shop” of exam information and resources. The school subscribes to GCSEpod, an app providing short focused articles on specific topics across all subjects, a great tool for pupils who like to revise through listening, or for pupils on the school bus!  Whilst a little bit of anxiety helps in exams, for those who find the exam situation overwhelming, Test Valley School has Counsellor support and tutors and subject teachers are available to listen and guide pupils.

As many schools do in the run up to GCSEs, extra curricula revision sessions are held over holidays, evening and weekends. As a new initiative this year a collaboration with some Andover College lecturers has been set up. Volunteers from Andover’s Science department supporting extra curricula sessions to provide a fresh approach to the subject and revisit some of the science syllabus in the areas pupil find more complex and problematic.

After the GCSE exams are over, Test Valley pupils will have the opportunity of a taster day at Andover College, for those visiting the science department there will already be a few familiar faces to greet them.

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