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Save the Date for the Mayor's Picnic and Artisan Market!

Mayor’s Picnic in the Park & Artisan Market

Mayor's Picnic


The event is in three parts

  • An Artisan Market with various craft stalls included
  • A Charity event FREE TO ALL with various charity stalls
  • Halo Sports are holding a cycle race around Andover from 7am lasting all day.

This means there are two times

  • Vigo Recreation ground open 8am for the setting up of the market stalls to open at 10am for people to visit
  • The charity stalls can arrive at above time if they wish but the Mayor’s picnic starts at 12 Noon so there will be access any time up to the start so you are able to have everything in place by then. I would think with the market under way at 10am there will be people looking around so could be added people to visit your charity stall before the event.

Event Details

  • The event is a picnic so hopefully people will bring their own lunch and possibly tea.
  • The field is large so plenty of room for tables, chairs, blankets etc
  • Start with entertainment from 12 Noon until 2pm with Vigo School, Mencap choir and hopefully a demonstration of some sort followed by the Andover Musical Theatre
  • 2pm until 4pm we will have a full concert with Test valley Brass
  • Event ends 4.00pm to 4.30pm
  • Packing up can be done at any time you feel you are ready and access to the gates and the side area will be available all the time, but not the main field until after 4.00pm


  • I guess other than the two we know about the rest of you will require a plot the size of a Gazebo plus a bit. We will be putting the market area together due to timings and to get people there to look round all day.
  • If you require a larger pitch please let me know as soon as so we can put you on the plan.

Children Charity Activities

  • We have suggested that charities that come along do something for the kids FREE
  • We will have a certain number of suitable prizes to give away but do need to know if you would require these as soon as possible.
  • Ideas suggested are. Fishing for ducks, fish etc. Bobbing for apples, Balloons for free, quiz, take a ticket for a prize (Tombola) Sweets for prizes, Goal scoring plus anything else you can think of.

Hope this is fairly comprehensive, please report to organisers when you arrive so they can place you in the various areas.

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