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The local Andover Guide Dogs Group are holding a ‘dog’s unitesponsored walk on May 10th 2015 by kind permission of Top Dog Hydrotherapy, We welcome support from all dogs and their owners. Maisey is one of our supporters and she will lead this walk along with her owner Zara. Maisey has been through a great deal in the past year but has made so much progress.
Read Maisey’s story…

community644465454Maisey is a 5 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier and on the 5th July 2014, in a matter of hours, Maisey went from being incredibly fit and healthy to paralysed.

After being rushed to a specialist veterinary referral practice that Saturday evening Maisey’s condition was life threatening. MRI scans showed numerous spinal compressions and she was rushed for emergen-cy surgery where they found she had blood clot type masses. These were removed and is was then a waiting game as to when or if she would begin to improve. I was told by the surgeon that Maisey has a 15% chance of regaining the use of her legs and that euthanasia was an option. I see and treat paralysed dogs every day at work so there was no doubt in my mind that my own dog would be given the best pos-sible chance.

After spending 2 weeks in the specialist veterinary practice Maisey was allowed home. Maisey required 24 hour care as she was still unable to use her hind legs. She required physiotherapy every few hours, hy-drotherapy every day and acupuncture every other day.

Maisey began showing some subtle signs of improvement and towards the end of July 2014 Maisey was able to wag her tail. A few weeks later she started attempting to move her right hind leg. By August she was standing and take a few steps unassisted. The rehabilitation regime continued over the coming months as Maisey became more mobile. By the end of 2014 Maisey was able to go for 2 short lead walks a day.

At the beginning of February 2015 Maisey was at the stage where she was desperate to do more exercise, run around and play with other dogs but she was not quite co-ordinated to do this for long periods of time. It was at this point that I decided to get Maisey a set of wheels. She can now charge around for as long as she wants, play and chase other dogs and even retrieve toys. The wheelchair has completely changed Maiseys life and we now go out every day for lovely walks and can easily managed over an hour whether that’s a leisurely walk or a trek through the woods.

I never thought that Maisey would be doing this level of exercise again so that’s when I had the idea of getting her to do a sponsored walk for the Guide Dogs. She has previously taken part in organised Guide Dog walks before her injury so this will be a massive achievement and challenge for her to be able to take part again this year.

The sponsored walk takes place on Sunday 10th May 2015 starting at Top Dog Hydrotherapy, Harrow Way Farmhouse, Penton Mewsey, SP11 0QZ. Time: 1:30pm – 4:00pm.
Register at @DogsUnite #MyHeroDog

Download the flyer advertising the event

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