Dancing on Injust-ice

Dancing on (INJUST)ICE at Winchester Cathedral

On Thursday 21 November, children from 8 schools across the region Danced on (injust)ice at Winchester Cathedral.


The theme of the day was Climate Justice and 80 Year 4 and 5 pupils learned and reflect about how Climate Change is impacting upon our Global Neighbours, using real examples from Christian Aid’s partners from around the world.


In the morning, the children considered how the impact of climate change is being experienced by the people who did the least to cause it. Activities included an interactive game making and selling paper bags in a market, and also a prayer walk around the Cathedral where they could reflect on real-life stories from people in poor communities, and an interactive game to explore some of the practical implications on everyday life.


In the afternoon the children (and accompanying adults) took to the Cathedral’s ice-rink, in advance of the official opening ceremony that evening.

Pupils were commissioned to take action to support Christian Aid in school when they returned – including planning a fundraising activity. The time on the ice rink was to celebrate and thank them for their future effort.


Headteacher at St Luke’s school in Sway Rachel Goplen said:

Our children have had an amazing day. They’ve been learning how difficult life can be for people suffering from rising sea-levels, floods and even droughts, and how tough it can be to survive. They’ve heard how Christian Aid are supporting people in Bangladesh, India and Haiti. They will go back to school and tell their classmates all about it.


Chandler’s Ford teacher Kerry Dominy co-led the teaching session with Cheryl Bryan and Aisha Al-Sadie from the Cathedral’s Learning Centre. Kerry, a volunteer with Christian Aid, said:

I have been inspired by the children’s reaction to what they’ve learned today. They are willing to identify with people from very different backgrounds as their Global Neighbours. They want to reach out and make a difference.

And Canon Roland Riem, Vice-Dean of the Cathedral said:

We are glad to continue our innovative partnership with Christian Aid and to encourage children to consider the challenge of climate change using the resources of the Cathedral.

This was a joint initiative between Winchester Cathedral and Christian Aid.

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