Pop and Grow garden in a box

‘Blooming Marvellous’ new garden in a box is in business

Pop&GrowA HAMPSHIRE garden designer has launched a new business to provide an easy, fun and environmentally-friendly way of creating beautiful gardens, with a ‘Pop & Grow’ box delivery service.


Robert Day, a garden designer and former garden centre manager with over 35 years’ experience from Andover, came up with the idea some time ago, but felt that with so many people being at home because of the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions, he would launch his new venture now; a family business with his wife Su and daughter Taryna.


In a similar way to how recipe boxes work, Pop & Grow offers a choice of mini-gardens in a box with a selection to choose from, carefully designed by Robert to know which plants will look visually appealing and also thrive alongside each other.


The boxes are complete with plants and the packaging opens out to form a template on the soil, showing where the plants need to be in the ground according to the markings on the inside of the box, to form a mini garden that is 1m wide x 2m long.


The box is made from biodegradable material to act as a weed suppressant when covered with mulch so can be left in place. What’s more, no weeding should be required for up to 6-8 months, making it easy for novice gardeners who just want a beautiful area of outdoor space in readiness for the summer.

Robert said:

I’ve brought my plans forward to launch Pop & Grow officially on May 8, as so many of us are taking comfort from our homes and gardens at the moment. The Pop & Grow mini-garden in a box is a really simple way to plant flowers, shrubs, and herbs. My wife Su and I launched to coincide with VE Day 75 and made it a double celebration as we dressed in red white and blue and enjoyed a wonderful day in our garden!

 We can all be active in our gardens and you can get children involved, with the added benefit of having great quality plants that are guaranteed to bloom. We offer a range of box types available to suit your planting space and the biodegradable box with a planting template and instructions make for really easy and enjoyable gardening, with beautiful results very quickly.


Pop & Grow will be launching a dedicated website for online shopping and have a page on Facebook set up to provide really helpful gardening tips and information about the boxes available.


The boxes will also be made available to house builders for new development sites in due course, but the new venture is trying to help those who are stuck at home at the moment.


More information about the company is available on the website www.popandgrow.com and for anyone interested in finding out more, there’s lots of useful information and gardening tips on the Pop & Grow Facebook page: www.facebook.com/PopandGrow

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