Andover Car Service wants to make sure your car is ready for Winter!

Andover Car Service wants to make sure your car is ready for Winter!

Winter is here and the weather is changing day by day. As the colder, darker nights draw in, it is time to check your car is Winter ready. Here at Andover Car Service we understand how important your car is to you, and we want to make sure it stays in tip top condition this Winter. We can offer a variety of services to insure this is the case, give us a call today to discuss your needs on 01264 366565.

We can offer free battery testing, winter health checks, general servicing, bulb and wiper checks and replacements plus much, much more. Cold weather can create problems for every part of your car – from the battery right through to the rubber door and window seals.

We recommend a Bosch Car Service winter check to make sure you do not get caught out in the cold. With the aid of the latest diagnostic equipment we check that a whole range of vehicle components are in proper working order and ready for the winter. This does not just reduce the risk of accidents on icy roads, but also the likelihood of annoying breakdowns on winter journeys.

A visit to our workshop is easy and we love to give our customers the best possible service. We can offer collection and delivery services or nice hot drinks while you wait as well as free wifi, all available in our comfortable waiting area. Pop in and see us at Parnell Court, East Portway, Andover, SP10 3LX or visit our website for more information visit

Check out the Bosch Winter guide…

What should you always have in the luggage compartment? You know winter has arrived when windows ice up and door locks freeze. There are a few things you should always have to hand to cope with all eventualities:

• Ice scraper, brush and folding shovel – to remove snow and ice from your car • Rubber mats – to help you get going in an emergency • Woollen blanket – in case of long traffic jams or for use when fitting snow chains

• Snow chains – to keep the vehicle moving even in extreme winter conditions.

• Jump leads – to deal with starting problems or to help others.

How to maintain good visibility in winter Driving in winter can present car drivers with many challenges – including freezing rain, heavy snowfall and thick fog. You can rely on the following advice to guarantee good visibility even in tricky situations:

• Drive with your lights on even during the day.

• Wipe all the ice and snow off all windows and mirrors before starting off.

• Clean the headlamps at regular intervals.

• Only use the rear fog light if visibility drops below 50m.

• Make sure wiper blades are in good condition.

• Place covers over the windshield and rear window of your vehicle when parked.

• Keep the cleaning fluid and anti-freeze topped up in the winter

Did you know…?

• The police can fine you if your car roof or windscreen is covered in snow.

• Our battery test can tell us almost instantly if you need a new battery.

• Our Bosch batteries are covered by a 4 year warranty.

• We sell a massive range of Bosch Wipers, and we don’t charge fitting.

• The number 1 reason in the UK for a breakdown is a flat battery.


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