A puzzling challenge for Harrow Way Year 7 students

The Happy Puzzle Company came to Harrow Way School last week to give Year 7’s a problem solving, team building Challenge Day based around solving large 3D puzzles.

Christina Marsh, Assistant Curriculum Leader Mathematics
at Harrow Way explains the purpose of the day;

The Happy Puzzle Company is renowned for designing award winning puzzles and the aim of their Challenge Day is to raise students’ own expectations of what they can achieve by developing their thinking skills, team skills, communication skills and the ability to overcome difficulties.

The students were put into mixed groups with varying abilities before they tackled the series of puzzling challenges, many of which initially looked easy but quickly proved very difficult. As well as improving thinking and problem solving skills, the mixed groups encouraged the teams of six boys and girls to also use their team working and communication skills.

Christina March

There was a lot of excitement in the room, particularly once a puzzle was solved and we made sure that teams did not move on to the next puzzle until their a solution had been checked by the facilitator. On occasions they had not quite got it so were encouraged to have another go which meant three important lessons were learned from this: perseverance, resilience and ‘nothing is impossible!’

The event was really successful with all the Year 7’s enjoying taking part and gaining much from the experience. The most important aspect being that they were able to exercise their problem solving skills together in a fun but an unfamiliar context.

The Happy Puzzle Company is a leader in providing educational games, toys and puzzles to schools and other educational establishments. With specialist experience in helping children with dyslexia, dyspraxia as well as gifted and talented children. They currently work with over 13,000 schools in the UK.

For more information on Harrow Way Community School, please call 01264 364533 or visit www.harroway.hants.sch.uk Visits to the school by appointment are always welcome.

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