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Welcome to the August edition of the Romsey & Wellow Gazette.

“Schools out for Summer”, so Alice Cooper says in his hit song. Let’s hope we have some wonderful weather so everyone can get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

We have some beautiful places to visit in this part of the UK. Reflecting back on my childhood, as I do so often, I can only remember long hot sunny days especially in the 6 week summer break. I was born and lived in London, so a coach journey from Victoria Coach Station to Swanage, Deal in Kent, Eastbourne, Bournemouth or Hayling Island, all places where members of my family lived, and we as a family of four would have 2 weeks summer holiday, usually the last week in July and the first week in August. And I can only remember hot sunny days. Beach trays were something that always comes to mind with big pots of tea and white china cups. The sea was always warm or so we thought.

I know life progresses as the years go on but those were such halcyon days for me. No TV, no mobile phones, a radio was called a wireless – little white oblong Bakelite case with green knobs – I wonder why we called it a wireless… you had to plug it in. These days they are wireless as they are Bluetooth. I still visit Swanage and really it has not changed at all. It is like going back in time. My Auntie who lived there is 92 now. She doesn’t live in Swanage anymore but in Southbourne. We spend so much time talking about the ‘Good old days’. There is only my Auntie and I now so we help each other with memories. Please forgive me my little reminisce.

Have a wonderful August. Take care in all you do and have fun doing it.


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