The REAL therapy room visits John Hanson!

The REAL therapy room visits John Hanson!
On a recent PSHE day, students from each year group experience a Reiki workshop with local practitioner, and parent, Hayley Butt.


Hayley says about Reiki:

In my experience, children respond really well and very quickly to Reiki. They haven’t had years of life experiences and the general build-up of negative emotions and suppressed feelings that we, as adults, may have had, which have, in turn, caused blockages in our energy. Not only are they really receptive to the complementary therapy, but they really do seem to enjoy the sessions too! Reiki is calming, soothing and relaxing… but our sessions can also be really fun and full of giggles too. The best thing about this is the natural release that takes place, and the immediate release of any anxieties or tensions they may be holding.


Reiki works by restoring balance on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It can be used to help children and teenagers with: growing pains; illness and injuries; worries, anxiety and fears; anger and frustrations; sleep issues, nightmares and phobias; transitions and change; hormonal changes: mood swings and emotional outbursts; de-stressing and relaxing, particularly around exam times and other pressures; releasing pent up emotions and feelings when they are finding it difficult to communicate; uplifting mood and helping to boost self-confidence.

The day saw 24 specially selected students across the full age range, take part in a 60 minute taster session.

The students learnt important relaxation and stress relief techniques, as well as coping strategies for when times are tough.

A writing exercise where students then shredded their thoughts, also helped many to let go of previous concerns or troubles.


Feedback from the students was positive.  One student said ‘I found the music calming and the breathing exercises very useful’

Another commented that ‘writing down my worries and then shredding it felt really good!’


Hayley added:

It’s an absolute pleasure to see the children benefit so much from this amazing therapy…and I look forward to seeing them return to me at the REAL therapy room.


Assistant Head Teacher, Anna Hall, said;

This was a brilliant addition to our PSHE day as we think it is so important to develop students fully.  Their emotional and social well-bring is at the forefront of everything we do here at John Hanson. Hayley was professional and sensitive to some of our more vulnerable students and we have really appreciated her input to the day.

For further details, and to book, please call Hayley on 07878803697 to discuss how, together, you can make a impact and give your child the positive boost they deserve.

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The REAL therapy room visits J…