What dimensions are the adverts in your Gazettes?

Full page 246mm X 176mm inc bleed 1/2 page 106mm X 150mm
1/4 page 106mm X 73mm 1/8th page 51mm X 73mm

What formats are acceptable for the artwork?

All artwork supplied to us can be accepted in the following formats:- .. jpg,bmp,tiff,pdf,and eps @ high resolution eg 300dpi and set in 4 colour process (cmyk) we cannot modify eps & pdf formats


How do I find out the cost of an advert per size for each of the publications?

You can either contact Tracey using tracey@mlgpublishing.co.uk and/or please see our Rate Card information here on the website.


When does the Advert need to be emailed to the Gazette to be in the next issue?

All copies that are supplied must be sent no later than 5 pm on the day before the print date. To find out your next print date please contact Tracey using tracey@mlgpublishing.co.uk or visit our What’s On section for more details.

How can I see an example of Advertising in your monthly publications?

You can view all our latest publications here on the website;

Andover & North Hampshire Gazette

Test Valley Gazette

Romsey & Wellow Gazette

Forest Edge Gazette

Winchester Gazette


Who do I contact to Advertise on your website ?

Please contact Tracey using tracey@mlgpublishing.co.uk for more information.


Why should I advertise with the MLG Magazines ?

Our local gazettes have an approximate combined social reach of 165,000 with the recent addition of the Winchester Gazette and our online presence is increasing daily. Here’s what our customers say!
Why not join other local businesses using the gazettes to advertise their business to the 1,000’s of readers!


Andover & North Hampshire  – approximately 45k+ readers

Test Valley Gazette – approximately 21k+ readers

Romsey & Wellow Gazette – approximately 23k+ readers

Forest Edge Gazette  -approximately 30K+ readers

Winchester Gazette – approximately 45k+ readers


For further information, please see our Media Pack below or feel free to call us



Our magazines are printed in a factory that is FSC® & ISO 14001 certified. Sustainable and environmentally friendly printing is part of our ethos. Using vegetable-based inks and recycling nearly 100% of our paper waste means you can be confident that this publication isn’t harming the planet.